UNIT 4: Absolutism, Enlightenment, Democratic Revolution, Industrial Revolution, & Imperialism


CHAPTER 14/17: The Commerical Revolution, Age of Absolutism, Enlightenment  
  Commercial Revolution Review
  Commercial Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  [Regents Prep Global History] Change & Turning Points: Commerical Revolution
  HowStuffWorks "How the Enlightenment Worked" 
  Internet Modern History Sourcebook: The Enlightenment 
  The Enlightenment
  The Age of the Enlightenment
  The Enlightenment throughout Europe
  Pre-Enlightenment Europe
  Pre-Enlightenment European Thought
  Reformation: Religious Wars
  Enlightenment Gallery
  World Cultures Reader: European Enlightenment
  Glossary of World Cultures: European Enlightenment
  Seventeenth Century Enlightenment Thought
  The Philosophes 
  Rene Descartes
  Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  The Scientific Revolution 
  Women: Communities, Economies, and Opportunities
  Absolute Monarchy and Enlightened Absolutism
  The Industrial Revolution of the Eighteenth Century
  Web Links - Age of Absolutism
  King Phillip II of Spain 
  Letters of Philip II, King of Spain, 1592 - 1597 
  Phillip II - the man 
  King Phillip II: rule over the Netherlands 
   HistoryBuff.com -- The Spanish Armada of 1588
  BBC - History - The Spanish Armada
  The Spanish Armada
  Why the Spanish Armada Failed?  
  Absolutism in France 
  Louis XIV, le Roi-Soleil 
  Chateau de Versailles 
  Cardinal Richelieu 
  The Rise and Fall of the Absolute Monarchy  
  L'Age d'Or & Kirke's Lambs - Baroque Living History Society 
  Elizabeth I (1533-1603)  
    Teacher Oz's Tudor Dynasty 
  The Gunpowder Plot
  Gunpowder Plot CGI
  Civil War and Revolution 
  Charles I (1625-1649) 
  English Civil War 
  Choosing Sides in the English Civil War 
  The Personality and Political Style of Charles I
  The Execution of Charles I
  Oliver Cromwell 
  Oliver Cromwell: Lord Protector of England (1599-1658) 
  Thomas Hobbes: Balancing Dominion and Liberty 
  Britain's Reformation & Restoration Period Index 
  The London Plague 1665 
  A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe - MasterTexts(TM) 
  The Great Fire of London 
  London's Burning: The Great Fire
  Great Fire of London: Skyline Animation
   The Glorious Revolution of 1688 
     Frederick the Great of Prussia 
  The Habsburgs
  The Rise of Prussia 
  Prussia's Emergence as a Military Power 
     Modern History Sourcebook: Frederick II: Essay on Government 
  Frederick II the Great - Olga's Gallery 
  The Thirty-Years-War 
  The Thirty Years War: Home Page 
  Thirty Years War 
  Russia's Foreign Policy, 1725-1762 
  Catherine the Great (1763-1796): Foreign Policy 
  Peter The Great 
  History House: Peter the Great 
  History House: Peter the Great's Family Values 
  Catherine The Great 
  Catherine the Great FAQ


Chapter 17: Enlightenment & American Revolution 
  The European Enlightenment: Table of Contents 
  The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy  
Philosopher's Gallery 
  The European Enlightenment
  The Idea of America
  Primary Sources: 17th & 18th c. - History: United States - Primary Sources: 19th c. - History: United States
For more info on the Enlightenment, check out Mrs. Oz's The Enlightenment web page.   
  For more on the American Revolution, check out Mrs. Oz's  From Colonies to Revolution web page.


Chapter 18: French Revolution & Napoleon
  Revolution - a definition 
  Chronology of the French Revolution 
  Timeline of the French Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
  A chronology of the French Revolution 
    Internet Modern History Sourcebook: French Revolution 
  French Revolution: Terror: Robespierre: Louis XVI : Marie Antoinette
  Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution
  Revolution and After: Contents   
   The French Revolution in the Electronic Passport 
    Browse French Revolution Texts
  Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI and the French Revolution 
  France During the French Revolution and Under Napoleon Bonaparte 
  Edmund Burke - On the Death of Marie Antoinette 
  Off With Their Heads - History of the Guillotine 
  The Guillotine 
  The Guillotine Headquarters 
  The Age of the French Wars 1792-1815:Topic Page 
SOME SUPER VIDEO EXPLANATIONS FOR YOU FROM THE KHAN ACADEMY: French Revolution (Part 1) - French Revolution (Part 2) - French Revolution (Part 3) - Reign of Terror - French Revolution (Part 4) - The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte
  The Napoleon Series 
  PBS: Napoleon 
  Napoleon in the Electronic Passport 
  Napoleon I of France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
Frequently Asked Questions about Napoleon 
  How Tall was Napoleon? 
  Why is Napoleon depicted with his hand in his coat? 
  Did Napoleon's troops shoot the nose off the Sphinx? 
  What was the name of Napoleon's horse? 
  The Code Napoleon 
   1812: Napoleon's March to Russia 
  MAPS: Napoleonic Wars 
  The Battle of Waterloo, Waterloo 1815 at Napoleon Battles.com
  The Strange Story of Napoleon's Wallpaper 
  What was the Congress of Vienna? 
  For more on the French Revolution and Napoleon, check out Mrs. Oz's France web page.


CHAPTER 19: Latin American Revolutions  
   Latin American wars of independence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Latin America
  Latin American Revolution
  Causes of Latin America's Independence From Spain
  Internet History Sourcebooks: 19th Century Latin America
  Latin American History: the Late 19th Century
  Simon Bolivar - Biography of Simon Bolivar


Chapters 19-20: Industrial Revolution 
  19th Century American Culture - 20th Century American Culture
  EyeWitness To The 19th Century - EyeWitness to the 20th Century
  SnapShots - Immigration in the Early 20th Century
  EyeWitness To The American Civil War - EyeWitness To The Old West  
The Two Countries That Invented The Industrial Revolution 
  Industrial Revolution - Second Industrial Revolution  
   OUTLINE: American Industrialization 
  OUTLINE: Industrial Revolution and Reform 
  TIMELINE: From Frontier to Factory 
  Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Industrial Revolution 
  [Regents Prep Global History] Change & Turning Points: Industrial Revolution
  The Industrial Revolution
  The Industrial Revolution - Glossary 
  The Industrial Revolution - Causes
  The Industrial Revolution - Innovations
  GIZMO - Google Video - Funny video we watched in class!
  The Industrial Revolution - Impact 
  Industrial Revolution - America and the Industrial Revolution 
  Industrial Revolution Inventors Chart 
  The History Place - Child Labor in America 
     Work in the Late 19th Century 
  City Life at the turn of the 20th Century
  Picturing the Century : Portfolio: Lewis Hine 
  How the Other Half Lives  
  Rediscovering Jacob Riis: Photographer, Journalist, Social Reformer - BIOGRAPHY OF JACOB RIIS
  Museum of the City of New York
  The Huddled Masses - Emma Lazarus and Her Vision 
  Encyclopaedia of British History: Child Labour 1750-1850 
  Child Labor in New York City Tenements
  Women's Work in the 19th Century 
  Digital History: Housework in Late 19th Century America
  Digital History: Responses to Death in Nineteenth Century America
  Newsboys - "Devils In Training" 
  Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A History of American Sweatshops, 1820-Present  
  T R I A N G L E    F A C T O R Y    F I R E
  Photos From The Triangle Factory Fire
  The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Trial  
  ANIMATED MAP: History of the United States : Territorial expansion 1790-1861
  ANIMATED MAP: History of the United States: The Westward Trails
     For more on the Industrial Revolution, check out Mrs. Oz's 19th Century America web page.


Chapters 21/22: Imperialism
  MAP: Imperialism in Asia to the Eve of World War I 
  MAP: The Dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire, 1923 
  ANIMATED MAP: European colonial expansion 1820-1939
  A French Viewpoint on 19th-century Imperialism 
  A German Viewpoint on Imperialism 
  A British Viewpoint on Imperialism 
  Imperialism in Africa 
  Economic Reasons for Imperialism
  Reasons for Empire 
  The Age of Imperialism 
  Rudyard Kipling, The White Man's Burden 
  Role of the United States Marines During the Relief of Peking, The Boxer Rebellion, 1900 
  Imperialism in India
  Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Imperialism
  India Timeline: The British Raj in India
  The British Raj in India, 1858-1947
  Empire in Africa, Asia and the Pacific 
   More info on Imperialism can be found on Mrs. Oz's NON-WESTERN CULTURES and 19TH CENTURY AMERICA pages.


The Age of Absolutism
  Fing a Teacher - The Tudors
  Agricultural Revolution - Fling the Teacher
  Global Absolutism | World History Free Interactive Test-Prep Games
  Gunpowder Plot Game
  English and American Revolutions - Fling the Teacher
  Fling a Teacher - Great Fire of London

The Enlightenment & American Revolution
  Quia - Enlightenment and Revolution
  Enlightenment | World History Free Interactive Test-Prep Games
  Scientific Revolution | Free Interactive Test-Prep Games
  Rise of Parliamentary Democracy in England | Free Interactive Test-Prep Games
  The Enlightenment Game - Play Fun Trivia Quiz
  13 Colony Map
"Check What You May Already Know" about the 13 Colonies
  Quia - US History - Colonial Challenge!
  Quia - American Colonial Government & Policies
  Quia Hangman - United States Presidents
  Quia Jeopardy -- The Rise of Democratic Ideas
  Early American History Crossword Puzzles
  U.S. Government: The Checks and Balances Game
  U.S.A Government: Branches of Government Game
  U.S.A Government Game: What's What in the Executive Branch
  Digital History American History Games
  U.S. History Quizzes and U.S. History Trivia -- Fun Trivia
  Quia - The Colonies Become New Nations and Struggles for Democracy
  The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Gilbert Stuart - Making Faces

French Revolution & Napoleon
  Quia - The French Revolution
  French Revolution - Walk the Plank game
  French Revolution - Fling the Teacher - Interactive game
  French Revolution and Napoleon Game - Play Fun Trivia Quiz
  The Napoleonic Era - Free Online Multiple-Choice Quiz
  The Napoleonic Era - Europe in 1812 - Online Map Quiz
  BBC - History: The Battle of Waterloo Game
  PBS - Napoleon: Interactive Battle Simulator
  PBS - Napoleon: E-cards

Revolutions of 1848, Latin American Revolutions & Simon Bolivar
  The Spring of Nations: The Revolutions of 1848 Game - Play Fun Trivia Quiz
  Can you name the Revolutions of 1848?
  The Spring of Nations: The Revolutions of 1848 Quiz - European
  Latin American Revolutions and Independence - Fun World History Hangman Game
  Latin American Revolutions and Independence - Multiple-Choice Practice Test
  French Revolution & Latin American Revolutions flashcards | Quizlet
  Latin American Revolutions Jeopardy Review Game
  The Simon Bolivar Trivia Quiz

Industrial Revolution
  Quia - The Industrial Revolution
  Quia - More Industrial Revolution
  BBC - History: Who Wants to Be a Cotton Millionaire?
  BBC - History: Muck and Brass Run an Industrial City
  Factory Conditions - Industrial Revolution
  Industrial Revolution Game - Play Fun Trivia Quiz
  Industrial Revolution | World History Free Interactive Test-Prep Games
  The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Childe Hassam, American Impressionist
  The Metropolitan Museum of Art - How Van Gogh Made His Mark
  SnapShots - Immigration in the 19th & Early 20th Century

Imperialism & Nationalism 
  Imperialism | World History Free Interactive Test-Prep Games
  Global Nationalism | World History Free Interactive Test-Prep Games
  Quia Matching - The Age of Imperialism
  Quia Hangman - Age of Imperialism

  19th & 20th Century & General
  19th Century American Culture - 20th Century American Culture
  EyeWitness To The 19th Century - EyeWitness - The 20th Century
  Voices Of 20th Century
  EyeWitness to History - history through the eyes of those who lived it
   Fling a Teacher - Interactive History Games 
  Free World History Online Study Games | Student Handouts (Other subjects here: Free Online Educational Games and Practice Tests)


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