Me, Otherwise known as Mrs. Oz/Teacher Oz

A little bit about me:

Hi! My name is Tracey Osborn.

Education: BA in History from Texas A&M University-Commerce. 2001. Cum Laude.


Teaching certifications: History, grades 6-12; Composite Social Studies, grades 8-12; Gifted and Talented.


Education Career: Poteet High School Interim Orchestra Director, Mesquite ISD (TX), 1997-1998; Rowlett High School, Garland ISD (TX), 2002-2021 Retired June 2021.


Subjects: AP World History, AP Art History, History in Film, AP Human Geography.


AP Credentials: College Board/ETS AP Rater for AP World History since 2012 (score international exam essays each June)


Summer Internships: US Holocaust Museum (2003); Library of Congress (2008); Monuments Men Foundation, SMU Meadows Museum (2011); AP World History Institute (2012, 2014, 2016); AP Art History Institute, John Cabot University, Rome, Italy (2017)


Other Activities: Violinist with the Mesquite Symphony Orchestra since 1989.


Website Started working in Homework Help chat rooms for America Online in 1996 where I assisted students in finding online resources for study of history. My site, went online in 1997. At the time, it was featured in the London Times Educational Supplement (1999) and Atlanta Constitution Journal (2000) as one of the first internet websites focusing on history resources for students. When I began teaching in Texas, the site focused on my classes, but has remained a popular resource for AP World History and AP Art History students across the USA and the world.



Some Kind Words:


Hi Mrs. Osborn! I hope you are doing well! I was studying for my APUSH test tomorrow and thought of you. I really just wanted to say I appreciate how much you did for us last year. I really think it was your passion for World History and the way that you taught it that made it interesting to learn about. I also really wanted to thank you for really kind of being our "mom" around the end of the year when the pandemic closed to school and everything. It's the fact that you really stuck with us and kept us up-to-date with everything when everyone else was just as confused as we were. Thank you for being there for us and for believing in us. You kept pushing us to do better and encouraged us even when we didn't realize we needed it. I love you, and I love having had you as my teacher. I miss you, and I hope that having to do both in-person and virtual teaching isn't giving you a hard time. Thank you so much.




Mrs. Osborn:

I just wanted to commend you on the quality of your website and the breadth of information therein, and thank you for your willingness to share. I am relatively new to WHAP Modern and your work is a massive help to me and my students...

-John N.

Ward Melville HS

Long Island, NY




Hi! My name is Elizabeth, and I'm a junior at Collingswood High School in Collingswood, New Jersey. I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your comprehensive and detailed review work/material for AP World History on your website.


I stumbled across your website on accident, but it has really helped me study for my class. I Take APWH online, which means I was kind of in the weeds in terms of what I should do to review. Your pdf packets have really helped me and given me a good foundation for my history knowledge. I love the graphic design of your website as well! This email is super informal-but I just wanted to check in and thank you for all the work you've done and posted!


Anonymous stressed history students everywhere applaud you!






I have been an AP teacher for a few years at Klein Collins high school in Spring, a northern suburb of Houston. The past few years I have directed my students to your site, especially for the review tools. The plethora of material you provide is second to none and I wanted to say thank you, from one teacher to another for the abundance of knowledge available to help not only students but also fellow teachers.


I wanted to let you know that I have been using your study/review guides and was wondering if it was alright, with the new curriculum this year, that I amended them to include information about technology and other items? 


 Thank you, again and I hope finals time is a good break before the holidays!


Kevin D. W.

AP World History & AP Seminar

Klein Collins High School




Hello Ms. Osborn!


You don't know me, but I am a student who is frantically trying to prepare for my AP World History exam. I just wanted to thank you because I found your website of review resources, and honestly it has taught me better than my own teacher has.


It was so helpful because you provided resources for all types of learners, whereas my class is very much so a "Cornell Notes and Discussion" type of environment, which I find extremely hard to follow at times. Your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher.


But anyways, in a world of so much tragedy, you're truly making it a better place, my world at least, and I couldn't thank you enough. Seeming as the year is coming to a close and motivation is decreasing at a deathly rate (like the population in Europe during the Black Death), I wanted to provide you with that last bit of motivation to make it through the year.


Again many thanks,


Jaslyn N


Thunder Ridge High School




Mrs. Osborn:


I am really impressed with all the resources on your course page for AP World History.  I am teaching APWH for the first time this year, and I frankly didn't time this well for the EOC review. 


I think your Crampackets (Period Summaries) are amazing, and I have downloaded them (attributed them to you obviously) and will use those in the short time we have to review.


Do you have any review sheets that go with these packets?  I am sorry to ask...but I think your crampacket summaries are what is going to benefit my students the most at this point.


Thank you




Scott G.

AP U.S. History

AP World History

AP U.S. Government and Politics

Prairie du Chien High School




Hello from a tiny village in the fishstix of Nova Scotia.


I would like to tell you that your website rocks.  The pages are very visually engaging and packed with information. When I first saw it, I thought you might be a junior college teacher.


I have stolen a few of your Holocaust links for this library's webpage.



Judy H. - BMHS Library






Mrs. Osborn, I must tell you, you have saved my life. I am teaching AP World History for the first time, at a new school, in a new city, and all of this is overwhelming. I came across your website and the tools you have curated have helped me become a stronger teacher that is informed and ready for my students. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you luck this school year!


Paige B., M.Ed.

AP World History & AP Government and Politics

Loyola High School




Ms. Osborn-


I wanted to thank you again for allowing me the use of your materials that were posted online.  They have been a great benefit, and the students are enjoying them as well.  I wanted to ask, and if this is too much I am sorry, but the external hard drive I stored the files on died a terrible death, and when I went back to re-download them from your site the PowerPoints and reading guides were gone.  Do you happen to have them stored in another place, or would you be willing to share them with me to use again?  If not, I absolutely understand, but like all good teachers when I see good resources I am reluctant to let them go!  Thank you again, and have a great day.


Matthew B.

Social Studies Department/Academic Team Coach

Somerset Christian School

Somerset, Kentucky 




Hello Mrs. Osborn,


This is a message written by a cult of WHAP students that had to take the course over the summer, unfortunately the History teachers at our school did not want to help us and they discriminated us. Thankfully we found your website and we want to thank you so much for being the teacher we never had. Like seriously. You are an amazing teacher and we felt so prepared, your kids are so blessed and fortunate to have you as a teacher. You clearly care a lot about your students and it is prevalent.


u da homie,







My name is Nick T, I’m a WHAP student from Rosemount, Minnesota. As I nervously prepare for this test I would like to thank you for your website. This is the AP Test I am most stressed for and for good reason. But if I handle that stress with discipline and use your site, I’ll do fine. My class really enjoys your site as well.


Thank you very much,

Nick T.




Ms. Osborn,

     I cannot even begin to explain the impact you have had on my ability to learn this year. You have put SO much work towards helping your students and have provided so many resources for them. I personally haven’t received much from my teacher (our only resource has been Crash Courses, and we got a study GUIDE rather than a textbook), but you've helped me fill that gap. I just wanted to let you know how much your effort is appreciated, and that not all teachers do nearly as much as you do. Other APWH students and I are very thankful for your help.



Kierra H.





you have truly saved my grade in AP world, thank you for all That you do and i appreciate it. Have a nice day. God bless! Emoji

- a struggling student




Hi Mrs. Osborn,

My name is Nancy Chen. I am a junior in high school and currently studying in North Carolina. I am taking AP Art History, but our teacher is so bad at teaching. She always goes off track during class, and we are way behind our schedule. I am a very ambition student and I am eager to do well on the exam. Therefore, I am doing the independent study right now, but I just saw your website today!!! I had used your website for studying world history and your materials were so helpful. I got a 4 on AP WH last year. Therefore, I am here to ask for your suggestion for studying AP art history along with using your website. I have seen the PowerPoints and they are amazing! In addition, I wonder whether you tutor students or not. Is there any way that you can tutor me online? Thank you!


Nancy C.




Hey Mrs. Osborn!


Now, I don't know you in person or anything and go to school in Bowie, Maryland but I take AP World History and I want to tell you that the resources you've provided online are EXTREMELY helpful. I wish my teacher posted stuff like you. Anyways, I really like your period by period cram packets and would like to print them all out but I can't locate period 2. Not sure if it exists, but if it does, it would be greatly appreciated if you would send me the pdf. I'm very grateful for the help you've provided and I have a test on period 4 tomorrow and your packet is so useful, so if I ace it, it's because of you! Thanks in advance!


Ife O.

Bowie High student




Hi, we don't know each other whatsoever, my name is Jen and I go to Calhoun High School in New York. I stumbled across your APWH website one day and it helps so much, I just wanted to thank you for providing such great information, it really has saved me with all of my outlines and tests. My teacher goes strictly by the textbook and has limited extra help so I never know what to do so your website is extremely helpful. I wish I had you as a teacher.

Thank you! Have a wonderful day!




Hello Mrs. Osborn,


        I am a student at Divine Child High School in Michigan and I just wanted to thank you so much for the resources on your website for AP World.  Me and all of my friends have all been using your website to help us study for the upcoming exam and I felt the absolute NEED to thank you for this resource.  I have used your reviews, cram packets, and many of the links on the site to help me review for the exam (Which is only 2 months away!! AHHHH!).  They are such a blessing and have made a lot of the studying so much easier.  Again, thank you so much!


Julia P.

A Very Grateful Student




Dear Mrs. Osborn,


I am not a student who is taking AP world history where you are teaching, yet I wanted to just say thank you so much for your review guides you have created. I am taking AP world and I have been using them to study for my unit tests and it has helped me multiple times even during the innumerable amount of open discussions I have in my class. I found your guide quite some time ago while I had what felt like an unfathomable homework assignment. Luckily, I found your guide which has helped me so much ever since especially on whenever we have practice essays which involves themes such as what changed over time and so on. To summarize this email in two words: Endless gratitude.


Warm Regards from Georgia




Dear Mrs. Osborn,


My name is Morgan S. and I am a 10th grader in Baltimore, Maryland. I am currently in AP World History. The past two quarters I have gotten B's in my class.  My first quarter was an 85 and second quarter an 89. I study endlessly for tests.  I am a straight A student and in three AP classes, while the rest are Gifted and Talented.


I am writing to you for some guidance. Throughout the year, I have been using your cram packets and videos. From what I have seen, you give a tremendous amount of support to your students and provide excellent resources.  

I struggle the most with SAQ's and the multiple choice test (since they are longer readings with analytical questions). Do you have any tips for the SAQ's, but mostly the multiple choice tests? I have three study books and put so much work and time into the class. My teacher is a first year AP world teacher and uses other teacher materials. I really appreciate your time and assistance.


Do you print out your test or are they given on the students computer?  I tend to do better when I have a written test that I can underline key words.  We are only given the computer option.  I am going to ask to have my test printed out. 


Thank you in advance,

Morgan S.


PS I saw that you play the violin, I have been playing the cello since I was 6 and LOVE it! I am in orchestra, strings are such beautiful instruments!





   at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.




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